In Focus Psychic Development Book

In Focus Psychic Development Book

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In Focus Psychic Development Book

In Focus Psychic Development provides the core skills an individual needs to develop intuitively, psychically, spiritually, and as a medium.

The world is not only what can be perceived with our five senses. Besides sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell, you can also connect to your sixth sense--that sense which allows you to expand your realm of perception beyond physical reality. Though you may think that the gift of insight and intuition are only bestowed on a select few, awakening your psychic talents is easier than you might think with this comprehensive guide that also features a 16x24-inch poster featuring at-a-glance references on how to develop your sixth sense. 

In the pages of this book, you will learn about: 

  • Meditation techniques that provide the foundation of psychic work 
  • The different meanings of colors to interpret energies of those around you 
  • Auras 
  • Chakras 
  • Cleansing and grounding techniques 
  • Spirit guides and how to contact yours 

Once you have developed your unique psychic ability, you will be able to go on to give intuitive readings for others. Take the first step with this essential modern guide to psychic development. 

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